Delivery & Shipping

Delivery Information

Delivery on our trucks requires a minimum order with a delivery fee and a fuel surcharge, calculated by mileage.  Delivered orders can be prepaid by credit card, or paid by check upon delivery, unless credit has been established.  Below is the delivery fee calculation for 2024.

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
From Statham, GA  up to 75 miles 76-150 miles 151-200 miles 201-225 miles 226-275 miles
$400 min. order $600 min. order $650 min. order $700 min. order $750 min. order
$70 delivery $100 delivery $130 delivery $145 delivery $165 delivery

Fuel surcharge is based on the average price of gas in Georgia, and changes accordingly.


The following chart is a guide for typical delivery days and areas, and is subject to change:

TUESDAY Marietta, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Atlanta area
WEDNESDAY Augusta, Columbus, Eatonton, McDonough, Macon, Peachtree City, Jasper, Rome, Atlanta area
THURSDAY Asheville, Greenville, Highlands, Chattanooga, Atlanta as needed
FRIDAY Charlotte, Birmingham, Huntsville, Centre, Guntersville, Atlanta as needed

Please try to order at least two days ahead of your delivery day so that we can schedule your order, as well as have space on the truck.

Shipping & Returns

For orders not picked up on site or delivered on our trucks, we use FedEx.  Your plant material is carefully wrapped and sent in boxes, or on crated pallets for larger orders.

What To Do With Your Plants On Arrival

When your shipment arrives, if the boxes are damaged, please check the plants before you sign for their release. If there is damage to the plant material, please make record of it with the delivery service before signing the release. If necessary, contact us for advice on whether or not to reject the shipment.   Once you have accepted delivery, check to see if the plant material needs watering. Place them in an environment conducive to the needs of the particular plant and/or weather conditions until they are planted or placed into inventory.


We use extreme care to keep our stock true to name and to ship only items that are healthy and living. On proper proof, we will replace all stock that may prove otherwise, or refund the amount paid. We will not be responsible for plants that die because of mistreatment, lack of water, over-watering, poor soil, or any other conditions beyond our control. Additionally, we will not be liable for any amount greater than the original purchase price of the plant material. We also cannot be held responsible for mistreatment of plants by any commercial shipping companies. We have no control over their treatment of the plants. NO CLAIMS WILL BE CONSIDERED UNLESS MADE IN WRITING WITHIN TEN DAYS FROM RECEIPT OF SHIPMENT.  PLEASE PROVIDE PHOTO DOCUMENTATION.